We Build the Best Custom Computers & Custom Servers.

With over 20 years of experience our Consultants Build a solid dependable business class server, medium and small business computer system, gaming computer and a quiet custom computer system with great pricing that is built to last. We take the time to determine exactly what you need your custom computer system to do and build it with everything you need and nothing that you don't. We order your business class components at the time of the build, so we do not have any old technology in stock that we need to sell.

Quality Custom Computer Systems, Made in America.

Our priorities are Reliability, Longevity, Price and Speed. We have clients that are still using computer systems that we built for them eight, nine and ten years ago. Our experience and attention to detail makes one of the best system builders in the industry. You can have this kind of quality American Made hardware starting at around $698 and we can have it completed in roughly one week. Give us a call and we'll build an American Made quality custom computer designed just for you.

Your quiet custom computer, gaming computer or custom server costs less than the factories.

Best Custom Computers and Servers

The best value for the cost in our custom computers.

Low overhead and a passion for building the best custom computer system allows us to make each system a work of art. We take the time to determine the sweet spot on the price per performance curve for each and every component in the best medium and small business computer system, the best PC for computer gaming, the best custom server or custom computer. With over twenty years of experience following the technology market we know the current options that offer the best balance of stability, reliability, price and speed for your custom computer system.


Custom Server Fabrication

Server updates, upgrades and fabrications are our job.

This Dell R510 server with 16 - 2.4Ghz cores and 6 - 6Gb/sec SAS drives uses NIC teaming to share 4 NICs with a single IP.
Supermicro X7DVL-3 5 year old server that we fabricated a SAS solution for with an Adaptec 5405 3Gb/sec SAS controller and 4 - 3Gb/sec SAS hard drives it has 8 - 2.33GHz cores. It is also using NIC teaming to share 2 NICs with a single IP. Both are running server 2008 R2.
The final addition to this powerful backbone is a Zenith BDR backup and disaster recovery appliance that takes a complete snapshot of these systems every 15 minutes and sends them to two off-site secure locations. This $60k setup runs a local prototype circuit board factory. Click the graphic for a larger view.


Best Quiet Custom Computer System

High Performance Systems for CAD, Gaming or just for fun: can be fast, quiet and beautiful.

The concepts and experience that we use for every single one of our systems assures a functional work of art.
An overview of how we create these amazing systems can be found here.
This system scored a 7.4 on Microsoft 1.0 to 7.7 experience score and blew away all of the systems the new owners friends were using.
We take the time to get a firm understanding of what you need your custom computer to perform and build and balance the entire system to your desires.
Before any custom computer leaves our shop it undergoes an intense burn in procedure assuring that when you receive it you are ready to go for years of enjoyment. Click the graphic for a larger view.


Custom Computers in Volume

The best medium and small business computers.

We can integrate the best desktop PC into any office to perform any function, how can make that claim?
Over twenty years experience with Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, support, evaluation and operation of all commonly used; server and PC hardware, operating systems and software used over the past twenty years.
Detailed understanding of the design and construction of servers, networks and computers,
20 years creating hardware and software solutions tailored for any application or function.
Extensive experience with server administration, network support, active directory, group policy, security, desktop support, web hosting, spreadsheet, database, Email applications and much more.
Design, evaluate, build and support complete networks and internet connectivity.
We are the local experts with the experience to get the job done. Click the graphic for a larger view.